The Last Day of 2011 ..

New Year Eve is here right now
2011 is going to the end :(
Actually I'm not will to let it go as it has brought me a bundle of memories which are unforgetable
can 2011 comes again? NO, SORRY!
Yup, it has to go.
Review back for 2011, there were quite a lot of things happened for me
one of the trademark for me was I have graduate from diploma
as an IT student
Yea, this was quite happy for me and it will be the highest qualification for me
And I can't remember I have a gang of coursemate during my diploma level
LADS, HOW ARE YOU? Still remember me? :) HAHAHA!
Hopefully the coming year - 2012 will be a nice year for family, friends & myself. :)


Merry Christmas ..

Wish my family & friends have a warm Christmas.
Nothing much to expect this year
just pass with few of my old friends 
feeling not bad.
Yes, I miss my last year christmas 
but it will never come back to me.
Hey guys, check out this video
it looks nice celebration at KL :)
I went before, but too bad
they will attack you with the foam :X 
I have been attacked by unknown people
once it goes into your eyes
is really suffer :O

A nice layout from Google
It's a layout to celebrate Merry Christmas,
besides that, it has colourful button to click with sound some more
after that the Jingle Bell's song will be played :)
Yea, Google is awesome !


Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol ..

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is awesome ;)
It is really excited from part to part
Tom Cruise is the main character in this movie
and he done his part very well.. NICE *clap clap & thumbs up!*
Besides that, one of the point that make me feel elegant is the BMW i8
Wau, I lost my word to describe on it.
It's really COOL.
I can't imagine what if one day I can drive this car HAHA! (dreaming :P)
Moveover, it has touch screen function on the main mirror of the car
so high tech :o
The second thing that I wish to say is one of the tallest building in the world is on the screen
The building is located at Dubai - Burj Khalifa
Actually visit to Dubai is one of my dream as well
but my dream never come true..HAHA :X
in the movie, the part at this building is excited and funny too.
Thanks for introducing about Dubai :)

Friends, faster get yourself to cinema to enjoy this movie
worth to watch
cheers :)



Nowadays, there are many of people getting smoking
I have no idea why? Smoking equals to burn your money.
It is better to save up the money to use in a right way.
For some of the people, they need at least 2 boxes per day.
Sometimes, I really mad on those smoke from cigarette.
Hopefully, for the smoker can pay attention to your health,
keeps away the cigarette and says #taknak
Smoking kills your very bright future, 
the main problem will cause you lungs cancer & get addicted with it.

The Ministry of Health has organize a photo contest on Nuffnang platform.


60th Years Wedding Anniversary ..

 Oh yea, grandma & grandpa were married for 60th years already
what a love journey they walked through
I have no idea
will I have this chance to celebrate with my grandsons too? 
Hopefully yes, HAHA!!
Erm, I would like to send my best regard to them
I wish they will live with lovely and healthy
Grandparents I love you :)
by the way, I am waiting for the 70th years too

At the moment I already 31 years old already, my god!!


大英雄 小男人(Petaling Street Warriors)

On 1st December this movie - Petaling Street Warriors was the first day on cinema
It was at 10.45pm and fulled house too
overall was okay 
but I felt that it lacked of some feeling, I have no idea what feeling was that
HAHA, for sure it has a lot of funny parts inside this movie
especially the part at behind
GUYS, go and take a look... :)


December ..

Yup 2011 is now reach on December
it seems going to end very soon
if recall back what have happened in past 11 months
there were pretty much of memories
HAHA can't be able to write it all down here.
Today I have done an incident
I tear all of the memories from my bag
I know it is really a bad feeling to me
but it has to go !!
Well, good luck..
2012 is coming soon, are you ready?
Ops..sorry I'm not yet ready to welcome 2012
but it will come one day
I have no idea how will 2012 goes on 
hopefully it goes with smooth and peace to everyone
AND I still jobless :(
perhaps can let me meet a job soon HAHA! 


You Are The Apple of My Eye

Finally I have watched this movie - You Are the Apple of My Eye(那些年, 我们一起追的女生。)yesterday
Basically, I have no idea with this movie
and I also have not interested with it
I saw in Facebook there
many of the friends are talking about this movie
It is a love story
this story is quite nice with overall rating
No wonder it attracted many of the teenagers, HAHA!
Yesterday, I went to TGV Ipoh to have it
Sadly, sat on the first row as the whole cinema was almost fulled house
but I felt worth also
If watching this movie with lover will have better feeling I guess ;)

After finished watching movie then went to Overtime at Ipoh
it has been opened for around a month I think
surrounding was nice and also a nice place to hangout or any celebration ;)


Hard Rock Hotel Penang ..

Let's photos tell you what I met at there ;)
this is an awesome hotel
located at Batu Ferringhi 
it is organize well and full of the facilities
Here is a nice place for you to plan for your family trip
even if for guys, here is also a nice place for you to propose with your lover :P
overall not bad, I had fun during my vacation to Penang

door bell 

swimming pool

open air cafe


MJ :)


Do I ..

This is a very nice song
I don't know does it can bring out my mood or not -_-
Recently, I have just sitting at in front of laptop
I feel that my life for now is totally lame
Hopefully will have something new to colorful my life now
Besides that, I need a job
I have no idea why the XXX company has no any news for me anymore
if your company doesn't want to hire people 
then you can tell me directly what
no need to let me wait for you ==" 
this is really sweat!!
And guys, normally what are you writing for you blog?
tell me some secret here.
HAHA, because I have no idea what to write about.
Nice song..hope you enjoy :)


Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011..

Hey guys,
Nuffnang will be having a blog awards for Asia-Pacific
did you nominate yourself or your friend's blog into the list yet?
It has few categories of blog to be nominated :-

Most Influential Blog
Best Micro Blog
Best Entertainment Blog
Best Food Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Fashion Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Geek Blog
Best Parenting Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Most Original Blog Design
Hidden Gem

Region's Best Blog

You have to nominate before 7th November
and it will be happening on 16th December 2011
The link is showing here : http://awards.nuffnang.com/2011/nominate


Convocation Day - 22 October 2011

I have a period didn't touch with my blog already
Ops gosh am I really that busy?
Actually not
just feel lazy to update only :P
I have just participated for my college convocation day on 22nd October
I read from news there saying that there were 1110 of student graduated
I am proud that I am one of them HAHA!
It was the last chance for us to meet up each other
I have no idea when will us meet each other again with all of you - FRIENDS


A Day I went Back to My College ..

Yesterday I went back to my college - Tunku Abdul Rahman College
When I started from my hometown at around 2pm with sunny weather
after I reached Ipoh
sky turned dark and rain started too
because I wanted to fetch my grandparent to Tesco
On the way to Kampar was raining heavily
almost can't saw clear on the road 
it was quite dangerous 
My aim to Kampar was to go back my college to pay for the gown fees for this coming 22nd Oct convocation day
Besides, I went to trim with my hair
HAHA now it has became shorter :X 
and also bought 15 Char Xiu Pao :D
The moment I came back to Kampar
I was felt all of the memories were pop out from my mind
it was really memorable in my life
I will never ever forget the days that I passed through at Kampar
Did you still remember ?
every corner also left the memorable memories there
I wish the time can freeze at that moment
but sadly it will never happen
as all of us also have our own schedules & plans to go for further


Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Today morning when I turn on my laptop
I saw many news were talked about Steven Jobs
and I was really surprised that those news were talking about he was passed away
I really can't face the truth at that moment
I was really shocked
Thanks for bringing those awesome technologies to this world
Rest in Peace 

Apple was released iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5
many of the iPhone fans were expected Apple company will release iPhone 5
iPhone 4S has improved some of the features :-
dual-core A5 chip
all-new 8MP camera and optics
iOs5 and iCloud
and so on
I found that the voice recognization is the most awesome one
it can be used to :-
reply on messages
event planning
and so on
although it was not iPhone 5 
but I do believe that many of the Apple's fans wish to grab it
including myself X)
The most special for iPhone 4S is meaning that - iPhone 4 Steve
this is the information I saw from internet 
but I don't know whether this is real or not ?

pictures source: http://www.apple.com


Hundred Years of Tsung Wah ..

1911 - 2011 my school already 100 years old
it was amazing & awesome too
there were a bundle activities held on my school
restore back the outer look back to very early look
it has an open ceremony on last Saturday morning at 9am
then at night was buffet
On Sunday
there were quite a lot of the sport competitions
such as :-
table tennis
but sadly I didn't take part any of them HAHA! 
sorry :P
I know I can't be able to celebrate the 2nd 100 years of my school
but I really not so interested on it with those sports. =X
On Suday night there were around 3xx tables to serve the ex-students to have dinner
it was crowded and around 3-4 thousands people, just my estimation =)
there is a slogan for this celebration of 100 years of Tsung Wah
it is 百年崇华更辉煌.


那个男人 & 那个女人 。。

那个男人 - by 杨宗纬

那个女人 - by 白智英

These two songs are really awesome for me :)
the upside one is sang in Mandarin 
and for the down one is sang in Korean
this is the first time I interested on Korean song
Guys, hope you like it 

Enjoy !


Happy Birthday to Google ..

Hey guys
do you know that today is the birthday for Google?
Don't only know to Google it when you need search for something
HAHA! Come on
let us wish Google Happy Birthday.
Thanks for providing awesome services 
and bring the updated information to society :)
Keep it up ;)

picture source: http://www.google.com

Cousin's Big Day ..

Finally my cousin just got married 
I was busy to help him be his partner and hair stylish as well :P HAHA!
Besides that, this in the only photo that taken by me :3 too bad
but never mind.
Erm, nothing much to talk about
I just wish that they can sweet forever :)
best regard


Convocation Day 22nd October ..

I have to scream out that I am officially graduated
it's so happy and also a good news for me
I have been study for 3 years and 4 months
finally today is the time for me to harvest.
I wish to take this opportunity to thanks for all of the people that helped & gave me support during my diploma life and all of my friends that I met in my diploma life.
Besides that, most of my friends are going convocation together
My convocation day will be on 22nd October
it will be a historical date for me.
Not much to write, beside happy still is happy. HAHA!


Namewee Nasi Lemak 2.0

I went to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 with a friend at Jusco, Ipoh.
The show will start on 4.10pm
after looked for parking slot & bought the ticket
the time was turned to 4.10pm already
but the show was around 4.15pm just started.
This movie is purely contain of 3 races of Malaysian
For me, it was very worth for me to spend some time to watch =)
besides, I saw got Malay friends supported this movie too.
Keep it up Namewee,
produce more film to let Malaysian to enjoy.
For those who haven't step in to cinema
hurry up, because you will not regret =D


Selamat Hari Raya & Happy National Day ..

First of all
I want to wish all of the Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya =)
all the best for you all ..

Second, at the second of Hari Raya, it is our National Day
this is the memorable photo that taken from the Merdeka Stadium
It is also 54 years old birthday for Malaysia =)
Hope that our country will live in peace and free from disaster.


I'm Home ..

Finally I reached my hometown at around 9am++ in this morning
actually I am so tired :(
due to the celebration with my classmate, then gathering with friends
finally I started to pack my stuff at around 6am something >.<"
during the journey, I was like keeping yawning really so suffer.
Today I can get some different feeling, it is I quite miss my Kampar life
even haven't reach 24 hours I leave Kampar, but I miss there.
Especially my lovely and funny classmate
I m glad to know all of you, you all are the best.
I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all who have helped me no matter in personal problem, assignment problem, study problem or etc.
And also I wanna give a best regard for those who are further study, besides for those who are looking for a job, I wish you all good luck(including me)
That is the end of our 2 years and 4 months, there were jotted down to be written into our DIT history.
GUYS...all the best from Nicholas Ming.


End End End ..

Today(25th August) is the date that I step into finish my diploma life
Now what I afraid is the result, actually I have no confident with one of the subject =(
hopefully I can pass it, please..
I will go back hometown on 27th
I think have around 3 months++ - 4 months I didn't go back to my hometown already
actually I am sick and miss my family.
After this time separate with my classmate even TARCIAN
I have no idea when can use meet again
just wish that all the best them - FRIENDs & miss all of u forever!!


Last Day at College ..

Let's photos talk to you =)
haha..i quite like those photos =)

sadly just few of us took photos only
never mind ;)
remember our friendship is forever and DON'T forget me please :D
haha..guys, all the best...


The End ..

Ops..someone said that my blog long time didnt update
yup, I have a period didnt update my blog already
Now, I was finished my 14 weeks study on last Fridat (12 August 2011)
and now is waiting for final exam which are at 18th & 25th
guys please bless for me
because I wish to pass 2 subjects and graduate..YEAH!
Almost is the time to leave all of my classmate & friends in TARC
but it is too pathetic :(
guys, I will not forget all of you
for those who are continue to study advance diploma & start to work
I wish you all good luck.


Class T-Shirt

Front View:
Overall not bad
but the logo DIT if possible
make it up a bit will be more nicer
and it has my name on the right handside one =)
but the name is too small >.<"

Back View:
Not bad too
the wording is big enough
haha! definitely not designed by me =D

Last Thursday,
my friends and I attended to an event,
it was an event to choose the Mr. TARC & Mrs. TARC
the only photo I taken by my friend.
It will be my last time to attend to this event,
anyway, it was memorable :)

Rushing for everything
2 tests will be coming soon
and my final project is gonna end up too.
Now is already week 12
which mean still have only 2 weeks to go to my final exam
woohoo..terrible..! Everything goes very fast
and will graduate soon too.


Final Project ..

Time Schedule(I just simply put for the data)

About Us

Reservation Form

Staff Login(for staff & manager)


My final project needs to build a reservation system
and I was chosen train as my title
which mean to build a website for customer to book train ticket.
I was presented my final project to my lecturer but it was not a full program yet
I still need to add others features
my lecturer said that it looked blank
and I have no idea how to design it :(
help me..

p/s - Some of the resources were from : http://www.ets-train.com.my/web/ets/