Selamat Hari Raya & Happy National Day ..

First of all
I want to wish all of the Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya =)
all the best for you all ..

Second, at the second of Hari Raya, it is our National Day
this is the memorable photo that taken from the Merdeka Stadium
It is also 54 years old birthday for Malaysia =)
Hope that our country will live in peace and free from disaster.


I'm Home ..

Finally I reached my hometown at around 9am++ in this morning
actually I am so tired :(
due to the celebration with my classmate, then gathering with friends
finally I started to pack my stuff at around 6am something >.<"
during the journey, I was like keeping yawning really so suffer.
Today I can get some different feeling, it is I quite miss my Kampar life
even haven't reach 24 hours I leave Kampar, but I miss there.
Especially my lovely and funny classmate
I m glad to know all of you, you all are the best.
I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all who have helped me no matter in personal problem, assignment problem, study problem or etc.
And also I wanna give a best regard for those who are further study, besides for those who are looking for a job, I wish you all good luck(including me)
That is the end of our 2 years and 4 months, there were jotted down to be written into our DIT history.
GUYS...all the best from Nicholas Ming.


End End End ..

Today(25th August) is the date that I step into finish my diploma life
Now what I afraid is the result, actually I have no confident with one of the subject =(
hopefully I can pass it, please..
I will go back hometown on 27th
I think have around 3 months++ - 4 months I didn't go back to my hometown already
actually I am sick and miss my family.
After this time separate with my classmate even TARCIAN
I have no idea when can use meet again
just wish that all the best them - FRIENDs & miss all of u forever!!


Last Day at College ..

Let's photos talk to you =)
haha..i quite like those photos =)

sadly just few of us took photos only
never mind ;)
remember our friendship is forever and DON'T forget me please :D
haha..guys, all the best...


The End ..

Ops..someone said that my blog long time didnt update
yup, I have a period didnt update my blog already
Now, I was finished my 14 weeks study on last Fridat (12 August 2011)
and now is waiting for final exam which are at 18th & 25th
guys please bless for me
because I wish to pass 2 subjects and graduate..YEAH!
Almost is the time to leave all of my classmate & friends in TARC
but it is too pathetic :(
guys, I will not forget all of you
for those who are continue to study advance diploma & start to work
I wish you all good luck.