You Are The Apple of My Eye

Finally I have watched this movie - You Are the Apple of My Eye(那些年, 我们一起追的女生。)yesterday
Basically, I have no idea with this movie
and I also have not interested with it
I saw in Facebook there
many of the friends are talking about this movie
It is a love story
this story is quite nice with overall rating
No wonder it attracted many of the teenagers, HAHA!
Yesterday, I went to TGV Ipoh to have it
Sadly, sat on the first row as the whole cinema was almost fulled house
but I felt worth also
If watching this movie with lover will have better feeling I guess ;)

After finished watching movie then went to Overtime at Ipoh
it has been opened for around a month I think
surrounding was nice and also a nice place to hangout or any celebration ;)


Hard Rock Hotel Penang ..

Let's photos tell you what I met at there ;)
this is an awesome hotel
located at Batu Ferringhi 
it is organize well and full of the facilities
Here is a nice place for you to plan for your family trip
even if for guys, here is also a nice place for you to propose with your lover :P
overall not bad, I had fun during my vacation to Penang

door bell 

swimming pool

open air cafe


MJ :)


Do I ..

This is a very nice song
I don't know does it can bring out my mood or not -_-
Recently, I have just sitting at in front of laptop
I feel that my life for now is totally lame
Hopefully will have something new to colorful my life now
Besides that, I need a job
I have no idea why the XXX company has no any news for me anymore
if your company doesn't want to hire people 
then you can tell me directly what
no need to let me wait for you ==" 
this is really sweat!!
And guys, normally what are you writing for you blog?
tell me some secret here.
HAHA, because I have no idea what to write about.
Nice song..hope you enjoy :)