The Last Day of 2010...

Today is the last day of 2010
I hope every year also end and start nicely
wish my lovely family and friends healthy forever
In between of year 2010 was happened many of the incidents
included happy incidents and unhappy incidents
Hope in the coming year - 2011 will be a nice and peaceful year for our earth
Friends, please appreciate what you have right now, don't wait until lost just start to regret, because its too late.
By the way I also wish TARCIAN and my friends can get well prepare to sit for the exam, good luck my friends.


Merry Christmas..

Merry Christmas =)
the above picture already expressed my wishes to all of my friends
my calender has just only left few pages only
and ready to welcome year 2011
hope everything going with smoothly and nothing happen.


Exam Soon...

today day is the end of week 12
which mean I just have 2 weeks time to go to face my final exam
really so fast
My 1st subject will be :
  1. Discrete Mathematical Structure I on Thursday 06.01.2010 2pm
  2. Database Development and Applications on Saturday 08.01.2011 2pm
  3. Behavioural Science on Wednesday 12.01.2010 9am
  4. Managing Information System on Thursday 13.01.2010 2pm
  5. Object-Oriented Programming Techniques(Resit) on Saturday 15.01.2010 2pm
  6. Web-Based Programming I on Monday 17.01.2010
so my exam will end on 17 Jan
quite a long time to go
and I have 1 subject to resit
I am so scare when those days are reach
I hope I can handle all of the subjects, pass is already enough for me
besides that I also wish all of my friends can do well in the coming exam and god bless we all





Raining Day...

The weather in this few weeks are keeping raining
sometime I am quite mad on it
because when I attend to my class will bring me trouble
and many people get sick also
hope my family & friends around with me can avoid this and please be aware

Lately, I am dull
I really got no idea how to get back it
almost 12 months
still remain in the little world
what for?


The Last Month of The Year 2010...

Time is passing like a rocket
the calender really so fast turned to the last page already
year 2010 is going to the end and welcome 2011
in this year I got a lot of unforgetable memories from many incidents
hope the coming year 2011 will be better than now
and wish my family, friend healthy forever + good fortune for you all
besides, and also hope that the earth remain its shape & healthy too

My 5th semester is also going to the end
now already is week 10, 4 more weeks to go
which mean my this semester will end on 31 Dec 2010
then my exam will come to me too
no much to wish, I just hope that all of my subjects that I take can get at least a pass