Happy Birthday to Google ..

Hey guys
do you know that today is the birthday for Google?
Don't only know to Google it when you need search for something
HAHA! Come on
let us wish Google Happy Birthday.
Thanks for providing awesome services 
and bring the updated information to society :)
Keep it up ;)

picture source: http://www.google.com

Cousin's Big Day ..

Finally my cousin just got married 
I was busy to help him be his partner and hair stylish as well :P HAHA!
Besides that, this in the only photo that taken by me :3 too bad
but never mind.
Erm, nothing much to talk about
I just wish that they can sweet forever :)
best regard


Convocation Day 22nd October ..

I have to scream out that I am officially graduated
it's so happy and also a good news for me
I have been study for 3 years and 4 months
finally today is the time for me to harvest.
I wish to take this opportunity to thanks for all of the people that helped & gave me support during my diploma life and all of my friends that I met in my diploma life.
Besides that, most of my friends are going convocation together
My convocation day will be on 22nd October
it will be a historical date for me.
Not much to write, beside happy still is happy. HAHA!


Namewee Nasi Lemak 2.0

I went to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 with a friend at Jusco, Ipoh.
The show will start on 4.10pm
after looked for parking slot & bought the ticket
the time was turned to 4.10pm already
but the show was around 4.15pm just started.
This movie is purely contain of 3 races of Malaysian
For me, it was very worth for me to spend some time to watch =)
besides, I saw got Malay friends supported this movie too.
Keep it up Namewee,
produce more film to let Malaysian to enjoy.
For those who haven't step in to cinema
hurry up, because you will not regret =D