Class T-Shirt

Front View:
Overall not bad
but the logo DIT if possible
make it up a bit will be more nicer
and it has my name on the right handside one =)
but the name is too small >.<"

Back View:
Not bad too
the wording is big enough
haha! definitely not designed by me =D

Last Thursday,
my friends and I attended to an event,
it was an event to choose the Mr. TARC & Mrs. TARC
the only photo I taken by my friend.
It will be my last time to attend to this event,
anyway, it was memorable :)

Rushing for everything
2 tests will be coming soon
and my final project is gonna end up too.
Now is already week 12
which mean still have only 2 weeks to go to my final exam
woohoo..terrible..! Everything goes very fast
and will graduate soon too.


Final Project ..

Time Schedule(I just simply put for the data)

About Us

Reservation Form

Staff Login(for staff & manager)


My final project needs to build a reservation system
and I was chosen train as my title
which mean to build a website for customer to book train ticket.
I was presented my final project to my lecturer but it was not a full program yet
I still need to add others features
my lecturer said that it looked blank
and I have no idea how to design it :(
help me..

p/s - Some of the resources were from : http://www.ets-train.com.my/web/ets/


July Started ...

1st time join this kind of competition
HAHA..actually quite excited one
because the photographer keeps take photo at there
but I can see it immediately and don't know what are the output.
Is quite happy to help my sis to win for the 2nd round - Green color as theme.
Next round will be 3rd round which is voilet color as theme
may luck goes to u again, good luck =)

Thanks for your strawberry :D
it looks nice and it has nice smell
beside that also needs to thank you for you chocolate HAHA
they are delicious
you are awesome ^^

The above key chain was from Weng Li =)
thank you when you go to Malacca also will not forget to buy me a souvenir
Don't think too much ya, I never thought that it was a cheap thing or what,
you bought to me and I will appreciate it.
The most special of this key chain was it has my name there HAHA
like it ^^



Suddenly fall in love with this song
Actually this song is sing by 罗志祥
it has a very nice feeling when listen to it
not bad, but I am outdated already HAHAHA
as this song was released for long time
now I just realize it
never mind ;)
buddies..feel free to click on the "Play |>" button to enjoy the nice feeling from this song =)