Special For You -- My Rabbit

ACCORDING TO YOU, I am your life partner..because I'M YOURS and I promise that I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART..god makes you MEET ME HALFWAY is to let us to have a great and nice LOVE STORY but not BAD ROMANCE..dear..I GOTTA FEELING to you and please NEVER GONNA BE ALONE..I will take care you forever and call you as my BABY..but if you sometime NEVER KNEW I NEEDED then i will MAD on you..when IN MY HEAD miss you so much i will NEED YOU NOW..NO MATTER how..I wish to marry you in future..please don't cheat me because HURT SO BAD..My Rabbit YOU BELONG TO ME forever..YOU ARE NOT ALONE in my world..NO ONE can take away you from me..and no one can replace your value in my heart..muacks..


Sem 4...

My semester 4 already started for a week
I saw the new students
I felt that it is quite a stress semester for me
I got 6 subjects with me which are shown as below

I got 4 days 9am
wau T_T a bit sad
and I really not so satisfied with my time table
but I still need to pass with 14 weeks
I am very affraid with this semester
wish I can do well for every subjects
this semester onward
my Rabbit will not accompany me anymore
I am so miss the time that we had passed through together
and wish to freeze on the moment
kinda sad haiz...
Rabbit where are you ? faster come back please~


520 -- May 20...

Today is 520, which mean May 20
in Chinese is mean I Love You
quite a meaningful day
so I decided to go and find my Rabbit
when I finish my class and I go there go find her
by the way I also wish to give her a surprise
finally I did it, haha !!
from her action I can know that and see her clearly she is sososososo happy when I give her that surprise
for myself I also so happy
I can accompany her at the day -- 520
I want to tell you Rabbit..
520 forever
nothing can replace it !!
yeah v(n_n)v
you are MIND !!! ^^


Result Was Released ...

My result was released on 15 May
I wished the person who was the first one to know my result was my Rabbit
after my Rabbit checked the result
then told me I was passed all of my subjects
at first I scared my Rabbit was telling lie to me at that moment
so I asked my Rabbit again really I was passed all of my subjects?
then I decided to go and checked myself
when the page finished loaded then I saw all of my subjects really was passed
at that moment I was so happy
I want to thank to my Rabbit because my Rabbit was giving me fully support during my exam period
besides that I also want to thank to my family because of giving me support too
I am really so happy and satisfy with my result
I hope that I can keep holding on to complete my diploma program and go toward my dreams
My Rabbit please wait me, the day will reach very soon...Gambateh!!
Nothing will gain without put in effort, treasure the time that we have, it will not come twice.
Rabbit I love You Forever..




A = boy
B = girl

Recently A felt that B already changed her way to treat him
it is totally difference like before
A loves B so much
A wish to take care B forever
A take care with B more than care his self
at last hurt de is A his self.
why B dont even think why A wan so care her and wan to hurt him like that?
before that B will NOT treat A like that one
What A said, B also will hear and won't hurt A de
but recently A really sososo sad and disappointed with B's attitude
why B want to treat A like that?
Can B don't makes A hurt and disappointed again ?
what A wants is BEFORE de B
but not NOW de B