Go back to kampar already
reach ipoh then got abit rain
but when i go down from the bus luckily stop jor
hou choi
scare get wet again lo
then today sit with the wai lao
they so smelly la
almost vomit==
so dulan them la

and today i saw my fren kok hang
chat many incident with him
but i got heard a bad news from him
tat is one of my secondary school's fren
but not so close one
met an accident one month ago
like break a leg already
cos she is driving motorcycle
then colide with a car
so cham la
although we not so close
but hope tat u will get recover as fas as possible and continue to finish ur form6
at here i represent all of ur fren to send u a regard for u
amen ©
and for those who are driving motorcycle one
pls always remind ur self
safety 1st take care ur self
life wont gv u twice ( second times i say it =P )

today when reach kampar
then the floor is clean
and the fan is damn windy
cos my roomate is clean around the room
today feel so comfortable^^
thk u

today learn jor a special character
it is <3
mean the symbol of love ^^
quite special o
i learn from the person who call me shagua one
thk u teach me to learn a new character^^



Today i go back hometown already
but it take a long time to reach home
almost 4hours
hate it!!!
the weather is damn hot in afternoon
when i reach hometown then it is starting rain
no care many jus walk back to home cos it is near only
get abit wet
but is ok
today when 1pm
me,vint,ah boy,4 legs snake n jenn chyi
we 5 ppl go to block H restaurant to hv a lunch
the food not bad
it is Rm12 per person
and the restaurant is serve by hotel management student
tat my fren Yoke San she become supervisor today
look so yeng not leng lui haha
cos she wears a tie^^
tis is the dessert show at below
From tarcian.com my college forum and heard from math lecturer say
the H1N1 is so serious nowadays
the lecturer say got tarc student kena already
but it is in kl main campus
tis virus so terrible
today when i go back hometown de time
i also think tat "wah it is damn dangerous la,should i wear respirator for safety?"
damn scare it will spread to whole malaysia>.<
cant imagine wat will happen in tat time
so all of my fren or who view tis blog
pls take care ur self
and on9 more to get the latest information for update urself how to avoid the virus attack u
pls!!dont attack by H1N1 tis virus
the life wont gv u twice
erm...need to share some incidence here^^
it all come from UK d
so nice also
tat is chocolate♥♥

below tat one is chewing gum^^

recently sms with a person keep call me sha gua de

quite happy la


thk u accompany me o^^

will remember u forever^-^



the time pass so fas
i already 2weeks no update my blog jor
it is because dont know wat to write at here
recently nth happen
also pass as usual
tat day i say FUCK U la to her
and i answer u say tat yes i dont like be ur fren
after tat i feel so happy because i dont like u
but at next morning i feel tat m i too bad?
m i going to send a appologize msg to her?
thinking for few hours
i decided tat no need to appologize to her
because is u do wrong with me 1st

today jus finish my july paper for bm subject
dont know can get 6C or not
i hv some feel i cant get it
sad ~
hope tat can get it o

and recently the weather is turn to better abit already
at least at night when slp no need slp until sweat also come out
so funny la
when i wake up de time
my shirt is wet jor geh
terrible on it

recently fall in love with an old song--I'm yours
not bad
can let me get a very nice feel when i m listening tis song
tis song is by Jason Mraz

take care all frens



女:伤心的总会任性 灰心的总会用气力将最好的过去 将最多的细碎 锁到属於你的眼睛
男:失恋的不够耐性 失恋的不信是注定於最黑的世界 於最光的刹那 感到属於你的气息
合:即使很多一起过的 想起的通通你的为着是浪漫的爱情
男:通通都可再见 但承诺可再听
合:什麽可不变色 Oh baby当晚与你记住蒲公英 今晚偏偏想起风的清劲
女:回忆不再受制於我 我承认
合:回忆也许你的当晚与你记住流水声 今晚站在大地自己倾听
男:难道送别你 回头总是虔诚谁能怪我 总是太感性
男:失恋的都有惰性 失恋的都记住约定
女:当理想的世界 当理想的刹那 因爱 无分你的我的
合:即使很多一起过的 想起的通通你的为着是浪漫的爱情
男:通通都可再见 但承诺可再听
合:什麽可不变色 Oh baby当晚与你记住蒲公英 今晚偏偏想起风的清劲
女:回忆不再受制於我 我承认
合:回忆也许你的当晚与你记住流水声 今晚站在大地自己倾听
男:难道送别你 回头总是虔诚谁能怪我 总是太感性
合:当晚与你记住蒲公英 今晚偏偏想起风的清劲
男:回忆不再受制於我 我承认回忆也许你的
合:当晚与你记住流水声 今晚站在大地自己倾听
男:难道送别你 回头总是虔诚
合:谁能怪我 总是太感性
it is a nice song
i like it^^
walk to where also can hear tis song around with me
even go to cc i also will look for tis song and ply around the cc
recently nth special
but the weather is really really too hot already
for who view tis blog
pls take care urself and drink more water to survive
dont get sick



Las9 we went clubbing at Voodoo, Ipoh
there were many people
hv uncle
so po
it looked crowded
we got alot of fun at there
and 3 of my gal's fren also mabuk already
I were responsiblity to care with Boubui
she jus drink 2 bottles then cant already
then i worry her and gv her alot of help
and we hug togther o
when take care with her
I got felt so close with her
luckily I take care with her
if my fren take care with her
then I cant imagine wat will happen
boubui ar
next time dont again la
u must know where ur limit
and control ur self o@@
if next time mabuk jor
I not beside with u geh la
take care^^
las9 really so happy o
thk BB, Boubui n Alice
love u 3^^
we crazy until around 4am ++
and reach home also 5am ++ already
tired but funny
hope hv tis chance again appear in front of me again