Just Give Me a Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess

I found this song
Just Give Me a Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess
it is really AWESOME!
Hey guys, just click on the play button and enjoy the song
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Here we go..


Princess and Se7en Kungfu Fighters(笑功震武林)

A off day
I went to watch this movie with my cousin sister
at first I was quite excited with this movie
but a bit disappointed with the movie
3 out of 5 as it not brought me too much of surprise
I am still appreciate the free movie voucher from Asus (if I not mistaken :P)
This is the voucher :D
I used it in Gurney Plaza's cinema
haha! Thanks~~ 
YEA! I like my shirt ;)
it's from Hard Rock Hotel Penang! :D
Luckily my cousin dated me to go out
or else I have idea what should I do during my off day
maybe whole day sit in front of my laptop
that's totally lifeless
We ended up with Subway and Blackball
what a nice hangout! 
I need a life! 


It's March ..

Hey guys out there
do you realise that year 2013 has past through 2 months
and now is in the third month
My feeling just like yesterday just celebrated new year.
OMG! I can't take it.
Life is still have to go on
Recently nothing special with me
I am enjoying with my work and Penang as well

There was a day my sister sent me a message
she said that the dog (the above photo) has dead
he has killed by town council
when the night she went to sleep
all of a sudden
she heard of a sound "BOOM" 
and the dog screamed
Next day
she can't even see this dog anymore
she suspected the dog was killed
this was so cruel and sad to hear from her
In fact his leg was injured
he can't run as normally he will just run away when he sees any stranger
This is really a good dog
He even saved my family months ago
The story was a cobra tried to enter my house
he was the one who kept on barking to get our attention
if without this dog
I guess my family will get into trouble
Hard to face it leaves us but still have to accept RIP!
I'll miss you Blacky :'(


Chinese New Year ..

The day before Chinese New Year,
I visited to this 2 places to took phone,
since it is so famous in Penang.
These 2 art works has done by Ernest Zacharevic
well done man!

I went back to my hometown on 8th Feb after work
luckily it was no traffic jam when I was going back home.
During Chinese New Year,
I have met my friends and yet we got chit-chat as well
nothing much special.
Family came back
and also chit-chat.
Finally 12th Feb I came back to working place
13th Feb just started to work!

Grandma & grandpa when they were young

This Blacky he scared while the firecracker playing
it seems like hard already
will not move any more.

Lastly, wish my family & friends have a great Chinese New Year
happy prosperity!
All The Best :)


Recent Days.

It's sad to say that I got measles 2 weeks ago, 
I have spent my resting day in my hometown, 
actually I was infected by my hotel colleague, 
YEA! It's really suffering during the day,
the worse thing was those measles will go into my mouth as well even my throat,
this was my worse sore throat ever :O
I can't imagine the feeling right now.
Luckily I went back my hometown and family took care of me.
I took a lot of herbal tea and coconut drink to recover.
Happy that I don't wasted too long to recover, thanks god! 

Guest what? Yea, this was second last day in my hometown.
I decided to go Kampar to visit for my friend - JC 

Besides pay a visit for my friend, I still need to take a trim on my hair.
Hey I like my shirt so much, haha! :P
Definitely, we had lot of fun during the time we hung out together.
Looked backward and talked for some old stories during our college time.
Ya, we were so fun! 

Finally, we were entering our lovely college - Tunku Abdul Rahman College
We took a quick trip in our college,
immediately there were so many memories floated on my mind.
We did enjoy our college life ;)

(Home - Phillip Phillips)
It's nice and soft :)

AND NOW I have back to work.
Just a blink of eyes, 
February is here now! Just too fast.
Around a week later will be Chinese New Year,
It is a big celebration for Chinese,
but for me I think just a normal celebration. Got no idea :S


A YEAR After..

Hi friends, this blog seems like has been stopped for a year.
Yeah, right. It has stopped for a year never been updated.
During the year 2012, I think there were quite a lot of memories.
The one who cannot be forgot was 2012 was the end of the world, but luckily we all are still alive peacefully :) 
Thanks god!

On the other hand, another amazing thing happened was PSY has launched his song called Gangnam Style(강남스타일) this song was really powerful and even to the world.
It has 1,173,693,451 viewers (13 Jan 2013, 4.03pm)
First and only one reached this huge figure.
After this song launched, there were quite a lot of other version came out in my country - Malaysia. Such as KL Style, Ipoh Style and etc.
This is the only Korean song I listening to, as I don't even listen to any of the Korean song. Haha!

I got my very first job as web developer at Ipoh on May 2012 until Nov 2012. I have started my second job in Hard Rock Hotel Penang until now.

I can't write out every thing happened to me one by one,
just briefly what have happened on 2012.
2013 is a brand new year, hopefully that it will be a good & peaceful year for me, my family and friends :)