The Last Day of 2010...

Today is the last day of 2010
I hope every year also end and start nicely
wish my lovely family and friends healthy forever
In between of year 2010 was happened many of the incidents
included happy incidents and unhappy incidents
Hope in the coming year - 2011 will be a nice and peaceful year for our earth
Friends, please appreciate what you have right now, don't wait until lost just start to regret, because its too late.
By the way I also wish TARCIAN and my friends can get well prepare to sit for the exam, good luck my friends.


Merry Christmas..

Merry Christmas =)
the above picture already expressed my wishes to all of my friends
my calender has just only left few pages only
and ready to welcome year 2011
hope everything going with smoothly and nothing happen.


Exam Soon...

today day is the end of week 12
which mean I just have 2 weeks time to go to face my final exam
really so fast
My 1st subject will be :
  1. Discrete Mathematical Structure I on Thursday 06.01.2010 2pm
  2. Database Development and Applications on Saturday 08.01.2011 2pm
  3. Behavioural Science on Wednesday 12.01.2010 9am
  4. Managing Information System on Thursday 13.01.2010 2pm
  5. Object-Oriented Programming Techniques(Resit) on Saturday 15.01.2010 2pm
  6. Web-Based Programming I on Monday 17.01.2010
so my exam will end on 17 Jan
quite a long time to go
and I have 1 subject to resit
I am so scare when those days are reach
I hope I can handle all of the subjects, pass is already enough for me
besides that I also wish all of my friends can do well in the coming exam and god bless we all





Raining Day...

The weather in this few weeks are keeping raining
sometime I am quite mad on it
because when I attend to my class will bring me trouble
and many people get sick also
hope my family & friends around with me can avoid this and please be aware

Lately, I am dull
I really got no idea how to get back it
almost 12 months
still remain in the little world
what for?


The Last Month of The Year 2010...

Time is passing like a rocket
the calender really so fast turned to the last page already
year 2010 is going to the end and welcome 2011
in this year I got a lot of unforgetable memories from many incidents
hope the coming year 2011 will be better than now
and wish my family, friend healthy forever + good fortune for you all
besides, and also hope that the earth remain its shape & healthy too

My 5th semester is also going to the end
now already is week 10, 4 more weeks to go
which mean my this semester will end on 31 Dec 2010
then my exam will come to me too
no much to wish, I just hope that all of my subjects that I take can get at least a pass



Finally my:
Databased Assignment
Web-based Programming Test &
Behavioural Science Presentation
were finished
by passing this time like living in the hell
really tough
keep holding on to remain the situation :)

Recently found that my English level is poor
have to work more harder to improve it
anyone willing to give me a helping hand?



Today go to Kampar McDonald to take my lunch -- McChicken
go there with my coursemate and we have a lot of fun
by the way I go back to my hometown this week
the aim is the celebrate friend's coming birthday
if not I think I will not come back to my hometown
recently the weather is cold and keep raining
sometimes bring me inconvenient and drive me to mad

I found out something makes me awake from my dream, it may not be a hope but I still will look for it
hope that the feeling that I feel now not the truth just an imagination


My Laptop =)

On Sunday morning I was opened up my laptop to clean the dust that was stuck in my laptop's fan there.
made my laptop can't released heat easily, drove me to mad
because sometimes when the fan spinning so fast and it suddenly auto shut down
from now onward, I will not face this kind of problem anymore, due to all of the dust has been removed from my laptop ^^
I was facing this problem for few months, finally it has GONE..


Mood Like Equalizer...

Recently I am having unstable mood
as same as what is showing on the above that picture
sometimes happy
sometimes nothing special
sometimes unhappy
this is what we must pass through in our life
happy or not happy we still need to go on our life
but for me sure I hope I can go on my life happily and meaningful
by the way, my rabbit is acting a very important character in my world
I hope you will not brag on me
let us heat up our life together
love you =)



Recently I am having a complicated situation and thinking
it made me irritated and mad
how come it will happen
really out of my expectation & disappointed
hope the devil thinking will disappear very soon
because once it was gone, and it will not come back again
please appreciate what you have right now


Keep Holding On..

Everything has been fixed after that day
I just hope that it will keep holding on
please don't come to me again
last week I was passed a very nice and memorable weekend
hope can have more and more this kind of chances come to me
love my Rabbit very much ^.^
happy happy v(n_n)v
101010 a special day...





Sem 5(Year 2 Sem 2)...

Tomorrow will be my Sem5 which me Year 2 Sem2
still have 2 semester to go then I will finish my Diploma Programme already
this semester's subject included : -
  1. Database Development and Applications
  2. Managing Information System
  3. Discrete Mathematical Structures 1
  4. Web-Based Programming 1
  5. Behavioural Science
Hope I can handle these all subjects easily =.="
but I am quite scare also
wish all the best for me haha..


Dark Sky...

I can feel that it was dark.
the day will not be returned.
I will face the truth and tell myself be strong =)
everything will END very soon.
Let it go, NOT important anymore.
because I already done my best.
Buddy..appreciate what is happening in front of your eyes. =)
Wish all of you for the best.



最重要的是 I'll Never Break Your Heart 这首歌不断的在我耳边飘扬。











*I was copied a note from facebook with a person named -- Stan 史丹利
he was shared out a meaningful note and I grabbed it to post at my blog to share with you all.



Really so like the beautiful sunset from Kampar when looking out from my room's window
it brings me a lot of the memories
by the way sadness also available from there
if time can freeze as I want, how good it is
but it just an imagination only, it will never happen forever

Tired already
my future still is an unknown
maybe it will end soon even from today
if you think that is the best way to solve the problem
I will say yes, you just go on as you like
because once a person already change and no matter what I do, you also will not appreciate forever
by the way, just an advise here --
*Please don't wait until it lost just start to learn how to appreciate, it might change you regret forever*
buddy, remember what I said.


Sem Break..

It is a beautiful sunset
when there have a nice sunset sure I will capture it
I was finished my 4th semester & my final exam too
and the 5th semester will be starting on 27th September
I went back to my hometown on 3rd September
actually nothing special for my sem break
just help at father's shop
wish everything will go on smoothly
and wish that all of my friends enjoy their sem break with a lot of plans
besides that I also wish all of my friends can get a good result for their exam =)
for me actually I am quite worry with my exam result =(
recently found that many things already changed badly
it made me totally unhappy
I don't understand when will the time reach
I wish it can come as soon as possible
because now is the time for you to *WAKE UP*



Mine by Taylor Swift..
enjoy it..

MINE..this word do you still remember?
it brings us funny too..


Love The Way You Lie...

Maybe that is the best way to calm down~



This week is already week 13
wau..just a blink of eyes then my year2 1st sem is going to the end
it will be ending next week, which mean week 14
after then will take my final exam
I am scaring with my final exam
because seem like nothing prepare from me
I hope that I can get all pass for the subjects that I will be going to take
besides that
recently is really quite busy and frustrated
really hate that kind of feeling
why what I had done sure wrong
and never think about why I want to do so?
*The candy that we eat, will not sweet forever, it will contain with many types of tastes*


Moral & Etika Presentation..

The above photos were taken at my hostel..
I found that the photos seem like foolish..
haha..and I am thin!!
actually I am quite sad to see this..
but I can't do any changes on it
because no matter how I eat also won't gain weight =(

The above photos were taken at college inside the class
because out topic was terrorism
so that we were acting like terrorist
hahaha!! actually the last photo seems like so funny
because we were wearing the same sun glass and give a smile =D
the photo was edited by my friend JC and it is a nice photo.
When finish our presentation
our lecturer said that our presentation was good
haha...make us happy ^^



The sunset is beautiful
it was snapped from my hostel
recently really happened many things
it made me frustrated & down
how come it will happen? I couldn't believe it and for sure couldn't received it why will happen
if can I wish to find back the time during my 3rd semester and freeze at that period and before you go for work
How come you will have that kind of thinking?
so disappointed and sad
I hope you can don't think it anymore and concentrate on our
I willing to hold your hand to walk through our life
I willing to love you forever
I willing to hope that you can give me that chance to take care you forever
I willing to tell you: " Yes,I DO !"
I willing to ask you: " DO YOU? "


She Was Graduated..

My Rabbit finally was graduated..
congratulation to this fellow..haha!!
I am quite happy with this.
I wish that you will always good luck and take care.
Unforgetable memories just will come from you to me
I will appreciate it forever.
yeah v(n_n)v


I'll Never Break Your Heart...❤

Baby I know you are hurting.
Right now you feel like you could never love again.
Now all I ask is for a chance.
To prove that I love you.
From the first day.
That I saw your smiling face.
Honey,I knew that we would be together forever.
Ooh when I asked you out.
You said no but I found out.
Darling that you'd been hurt.
You felt that you'd never love again.
I deserve a try honey just once.
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong.
You waked in,you were so quick to judge.
But honey hi's nothing like me.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
As I walked by you.
Will you get to know me.
little more better.
Girl that's the way love goes.
And I know you're afraid.
To let your feelings show.
And I understand.
But girl it's time to let go.
Girl,it's time to let go.
I deserve a try honey.
Just once.
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong.
You walked in, you were so quick to judge.
But honey he's nothing like me.
Darling why can't you see.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
No way, no how.
I'll make you cry.
No way, no how.
I'll make you cry.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.
I'll give you all of me.
Honey,that's no lie.
I'll never break your heart.
I'll never make you cry.
I'd rather die than live without you.

I'll give you all of me.

" Since you like this song, it slowly become my habit to hear it everyday

I felt that in this song is quite touch and meaningful

will happy to hear this song and I will do what had sang by the song

I wish you can too "

I'll Never Break Your Heart


Happy Birthday My Rabbit ♥

I am so happy to pass through your birthday
I wish you will take care yourself always
do a good job in your work
happy always
stay healthy
and all of the luck goes to u..
what a feel sad is you destroy my plan
u are clever..let u caught what I am thinking, it is quite touch c:
thank you let me pass through a unforgetable memory
tired is doesn't matter if it can change you happy
my answer will always YES, I DO
Rabbit you are always is MINE..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY...my dear Rabbit..


Nice Songs...

What You Waiting For -- Mizz Nina feat Colby O'Donis

Nothing On You -- B.O.B. feat Bruno Mar

This two Songs are nice. =)


Belated Post...

happy birthday day to them =)
  • JC &
  • Wayne
2 people do together
we go to eat seafood at Tua Alang =]
blueberry cheese cake look nice..but it is not delicious at all =X

Prawns with XO sause

'egg prawn' =X

crab =)

Vegetable..eat until almost finish just take pic =.="

Thai style fish..


Special For You -- My Rabbit

ACCORDING TO YOU, I am your life partner..because I'M YOURS and I promise that I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART..god makes you MEET ME HALFWAY is to let us to have a great and nice LOVE STORY but not BAD ROMANCE..dear..I GOTTA FEELING to you and please NEVER GONNA BE ALONE..I will take care you forever and call you as my BABY..but if you sometime NEVER KNEW I NEEDED then i will MAD on you..when IN MY HEAD miss you so much i will NEED YOU NOW..NO MATTER how..I wish to marry you in future..please don't cheat me because HURT SO BAD..My Rabbit YOU BELONG TO ME forever..YOU ARE NOT ALONE in my world..NO ONE can take away you from me..and no one can replace your value in my heart..muacks..


Sem 4...

My semester 4 already started for a week
I saw the new students
I felt that it is quite a stress semester for me
I got 6 subjects with me which are shown as below

I got 4 days 9am
wau T_T a bit sad
and I really not so satisfied with my time table
but I still need to pass with 14 weeks
I am very affraid with this semester
wish I can do well for every subjects
this semester onward
my Rabbit will not accompany me anymore
I am so miss the time that we had passed through together
and wish to freeze on the moment
kinda sad haiz...
Rabbit where are you ? faster come back please~


520 -- May 20...

Today is 520, which mean May 20
in Chinese is mean I Love You
quite a meaningful day
so I decided to go and find my Rabbit
when I finish my class and I go there go find her
by the way I also wish to give her a surprise
finally I did it, haha !!
from her action I can know that and see her clearly she is sososososo happy when I give her that surprise
for myself I also so happy
I can accompany her at the day -- 520
I want to tell you Rabbit..
520 forever
nothing can replace it !!
yeah v(n_n)v
you are MIND !!! ^^


Result Was Released ...

My result was released on 15 May
I wished the person who was the first one to know my result was my Rabbit
after my Rabbit checked the result
then told me I was passed all of my subjects
at first I scared my Rabbit was telling lie to me at that moment
so I asked my Rabbit again really I was passed all of my subjects?
then I decided to go and checked myself
when the page finished loaded then I saw all of my subjects really was passed
at that moment I was so happy
I want to thank to my Rabbit because my Rabbit was giving me fully support during my exam period
besides that I also want to thank to my family because of giving me support too
I am really so happy and satisfy with my result
I hope that I can keep holding on to complete my diploma program and go toward my dreams
My Rabbit please wait me, the day will reach very soon...Gambateh!!
Nothing will gain without put in effort, treasure the time that we have, it will not come twice.
Rabbit I love You Forever..




A = boy
B = girl

Recently A felt that B already changed her way to treat him
it is totally difference like before
A loves B so much
A wish to take care B forever
A take care with B more than care his self
at last hurt de is A his self.
why B dont even think why A wan so care her and wan to hurt him like that?
before that B will NOT treat A like that one
What A said, B also will hear and won't hurt A de
but recently A really sososo sad and disappointed with B's attitude
why B want to treat A like that?
Can B don't makes A hurt and disappointed again ?
what A wants is BEFORE de B
but not NOW de B


Temporary END...

Finally my exam was ended on 28 April
my last subject was Programming Concept & Design I
it was one of my resit subject
I hope I can pass this subject and also the other 4 subjects
So now I will enjoy my holiday
I think until 17 May then new semester will start
still have a lengthy way to go for my diploma life
will be new begin soon
my Rabbit will graduate in this year
I am happy and proud of her
when I was finish my exam then she prepared home make lunch for me
it was nice and delicious
thank you my Rabbit..
I not willing to leave you, when together with you I am so warm and need to thank you to take care me within this period, all of the sweet memory that we had passed through I sure won't forget one
no matter where you go, I sure will miss you
and wait u come back to find me
Lovessss will be given to my Rabbit only
love you my Rabbit


End with not willing to mood..



Recently I am quite suffer
seem like all the things had changed
is because those incidents make me hard to breath
I am so suffer
how come will like that?
can i chase it away and don't follow with me?
please give back me the normal respiratory system
I wish there will not have anything happen again PLEASE
if not i will go to die soon
Will love my RABBIT forever..



12/04/10 my college was started the exam until 28th I think
on Monday, I was taken one of my resit subject, that was Information Technology
I felt it was easy, and I can wrote out much of them
after the exam I felt my hand was tired enough !!!
hope I can pass this resit subject
by the way the coming subject is E-Commerce (21 April)
then will be
RESIT subject -- Programming Concept & Design II (22 April)
MAIN subject -- Introduction to Business (23 April)
RESIT subject -- Programming Concept & Design I (28 April)
I hope I can get well prepare for there all subjects
I don't wan make my RABBIT and parent dissapointed
RABBIT thank you for yours support
It makes me happy hehe :)
I will appreciate what we had passed through
YEAH v(n_n)v


我爱他。。Just For You Rabbit..

although I didn't watch much that movie with you
but I can remember this song
it makes me think of you too
thank you bring me a lot of unforgetable memories & fun
I want to tell everyone in this world
我爱他 RABBIT you are the one I love


The End of 3rd Semester...

The time just passing with a blink of eyes
7 weeks were gone
8/4/10 is the last day go to college attend for the class
and now just wait for exam
I will take 3 subjects for resit and 2 paper is main paper
I feel it is pressure for me
I hope I can pass all of the subject
and one of the incident that I not willing to do is my rabbit is going to graduate soon, and will no longer at Kampar, makes me sad and will sososo miss my rabbit
I hope when u have time please come and find me
I will miss u much..rabbit
wish both of us will luck always
lastly I also wish all of my friends can get a good result in coming final exam
Silly boy will always available for rabbit only...



Mixing 3...



This is a nice & funny movie by HK stars
On 18 March, my friend and I went to Jusco to watch this movie
we decided to watch this movie at night, that is 11pm
we went there with 2 cars, and quite crowded
that was 11 people, that was my first time watch movie with many friends
by the way it was also the 1st time I watched in 首映
but there was happened an unhappy incident
that was one of my friend's wallet was gone
anyway, hope that he will more careful next time

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