The Last Day of 2011 ..

New Year Eve is here right now
2011 is going to the end :(
Actually I'm not will to let it go as it has brought me a bundle of memories which are unforgetable
can 2011 comes again? NO, SORRY!
Yup, it has to go.
Review back for 2011, there were quite a lot of things happened for me
one of the trademark for me was I have graduate from diploma
as an IT student
Yea, this was quite happy for me and it will be the highest qualification for me
And I can't remember I have a gang of coursemate during my diploma level
LADS, HOW ARE YOU? Still remember me? :) HAHAHA!
Hopefully the coming year - 2012 will be a nice year for family, friends & myself. :)


Merry Christmas ..

Wish my family & friends have a warm Christmas.
Nothing much to expect this year
just pass with few of my old friends 
feeling not bad.
Yes, I miss my last year christmas 
but it will never come back to me.
Hey guys, check out this video
it looks nice celebration at KL :)
I went before, but too bad
they will attack you with the foam :X 
I have been attacked by unknown people
once it goes into your eyes
is really suffer :O

A nice layout from Google
It's a layout to celebrate Merry Christmas,
besides that, it has colourful button to click with sound some more
after that the Jingle Bell's song will be played :)
Yea, Google is awesome !


Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol ..

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is awesome ;)
It is really excited from part to part
Tom Cruise is the main character in this movie
and he done his part very well.. NICE *clap clap & thumbs up!*
Besides that, one of the point that make me feel elegant is the BMW i8
Wau, I lost my word to describe on it.
It's really COOL.
I can't imagine what if one day I can drive this car HAHA! (dreaming :P)
Moveover, it has touch screen function on the main mirror of the car
so high tech :o
The second thing that I wish to say is one of the tallest building in the world is on the screen
The building is located at Dubai - Burj Khalifa
Actually visit to Dubai is one of my dream as well
but my dream never come true..HAHA :X
in the movie, the part at this building is excited and funny too.
Thanks for introducing about Dubai :)

Friends, faster get yourself to cinema to enjoy this movie
worth to watch
cheers :)



Nowadays, there are many of people getting smoking
I have no idea why? Smoking equals to burn your money.
It is better to save up the money to use in a right way.
For some of the people, they need at least 2 boxes per day.
Sometimes, I really mad on those smoke from cigarette.
Hopefully, for the smoker can pay attention to your health,
keeps away the cigarette and says #taknak
Smoking kills your very bright future, 
the main problem will cause you lungs cancer & get addicted with it.

The Ministry of Health has organize a photo contest on Nuffnang platform.


60th Years Wedding Anniversary ..

 Oh yea, grandma & grandpa were married for 60th years already
what a love journey they walked through
I have no idea
will I have this chance to celebrate with my grandsons too? 
Hopefully yes, HAHA!!
Erm, I would like to send my best regard to them
I wish they will live with lovely and healthy
Grandparents I love you :)
by the way, I am waiting for the 70th years too

At the moment I already 31 years old already, my god!!


大英雄 小男人(Petaling Street Warriors)

On 1st December this movie - Petaling Street Warriors was the first day on cinema
It was at 10.45pm and fulled house too
overall was okay 
but I felt that it lacked of some feeling, I have no idea what feeling was that
HAHA, for sure it has a lot of funny parts inside this movie
especially the part at behind
GUYS, go and take a look... :)


December ..

Yup 2011 is now reach on December
it seems going to end very soon
if recall back what have happened in past 11 months
there were pretty much of memories
HAHA can't be able to write it all down here.
Today I have done an incident
I tear all of the memories from my bag
I know it is really a bad feeling to me
but it has to go !!
Well, good luck..
2012 is coming soon, are you ready?
Ops..sorry I'm not yet ready to welcome 2012
but it will come one day
I have no idea how will 2012 goes on 
hopefully it goes with smooth and peace to everyone
AND I still jobless :(
perhaps can let me meet a job soon HAHA!