Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011..

Hey guys,
Nuffnang will be having a blog awards for Asia-Pacific
did you nominate yourself or your friend's blog into the list yet?
It has few categories of blog to be nominated :-

Most Influential Blog
Best Micro Blog
Best Entertainment Blog
Best Food Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Fashion Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Geek Blog
Best Parenting Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Most Original Blog Design
Hidden Gem

Region's Best Blog

You have to nominate before 7th November
and it will be happening on 16th December 2011
The link is showing here : http://awards.nuffnang.com/2011/nominate


Convocation Day - 22 October 2011

I have a period didn't touch with my blog already
Ops gosh am I really that busy?
Actually not
just feel lazy to update only :P
I have just participated for my college convocation day on 22nd October
I read from news there saying that there were 1110 of student graduated
I am proud that I am one of them HAHA!
It was the last chance for us to meet up each other
I have no idea when will us meet each other again with all of you - FRIENDS


A Day I went Back to My College ..

Yesterday I went back to my college - Tunku Abdul Rahman College
When I started from my hometown at around 2pm with sunny weather
after I reached Ipoh
sky turned dark and rain started too
because I wanted to fetch my grandparent to Tesco
On the way to Kampar was raining heavily
almost can't saw clear on the road 
it was quite dangerous 
My aim to Kampar was to go back my college to pay for the gown fees for this coming 22nd Oct convocation day
Besides, I went to trim with my hair
HAHA now it has became shorter :X 
and also bought 15 Char Xiu Pao :D
The moment I came back to Kampar
I was felt all of the memories were pop out from my mind
it was really memorable in my life
I will never ever forget the days that I passed through at Kampar
Did you still remember ?
every corner also left the memorable memories there
I wish the time can freeze at that moment
but sadly it will never happen
as all of us also have our own schedules & plans to go for further


Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Today morning when I turn on my laptop
I saw many news were talked about Steven Jobs
and I was really surprised that those news were talking about he was passed away
I really can't face the truth at that moment
I was really shocked
Thanks for bringing those awesome technologies to this world
Rest in Peace 

Apple was released iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5
many of the iPhone fans were expected Apple company will release iPhone 5
iPhone 4S has improved some of the features :-
dual-core A5 chip
all-new 8MP camera and optics
iOs5 and iCloud
and so on
I found that the voice recognization is the most awesome one
it can be used to :-
reply on messages
event planning
and so on
although it was not iPhone 5 
but I do believe that many of the Apple's fans wish to grab it
including myself X)
The most special for iPhone 4S is meaning that - iPhone 4 Steve
this is the information I saw from internet 
but I don't know whether this is real or not ?

pictures source: http://www.apple.com


Hundred Years of Tsung Wah ..

1911 - 2011 my school already 100 years old
it was amazing & awesome too
there were a bundle activities held on my school
restore back the outer look back to very early look
it has an open ceremony on last Saturday morning at 9am
then at night was buffet
On Sunday
there were quite a lot of the sport competitions
such as :-
table tennis
but sadly I didn't take part any of them HAHA! 
sorry :P
I know I can't be able to celebrate the 2nd 100 years of my school
but I really not so interested on it with those sports. =X
On Suday night there were around 3xx tables to serve the ex-students to have dinner
it was crowded and around 3-4 thousands people, just my estimation =)
there is a slogan for this celebration of 100 years of Tsung Wah
it is 百年崇华更辉煌.


那个男人 & 那个女人 。。

那个男人 - by 杨宗纬

那个女人 - by 白智英

These two songs are really awesome for me :)
the upside one is sang in Mandarin 
and for the down one is sang in Korean
this is the first time I interested on Korean song
Guys, hope you like it 

Enjoy !