Sexy bitch..

what a nice song by David Guetta feat Akon =D
damn girl..sexy bitch~


Forever Yours (Forward)

Its love when i see you,
and my heart goes insane.
its love the way i see you only,
in a hallway of a hundred and two.

its love when you hold me,
me all intertwined in you.
its love when you smile,
and i forget everything i have to do.

its love when your green eyes,
light up when they see mine.
its love when is speak your name.
and your the only thing thats on my mind.

its love when you walk away,
leaving me breathless again.
its love when you shine by me,
its love being in love,with my best friend.

A nice poem that i found at http://www.best-love-poems.com/love_poems.html?c=4
it is meaningful and nice also like it so much XD


Saturday night...

Last Saturday night on again T_T
if continue like that I will bankrupt
my god=="
last night really damn crowded
but got abit bored
didn't know lost what kind of feeling
can't explain out
a bit regret didn't date my cousin
wish have chance we go together ya =D

Yuumi's sis n me =D

Yuumi me and n Kang

same we also =]


DJ competition..

Last saturday night was Malaysia Club DJ competiton
which was held on Lost World, Ipoh
my fren n I went there for fun
by the way we were do our assignment as well
we had taken some of the scene from there
not bad also
my college friends + my hometown friends
we were crowded also, with twenty plus people@@

below are the photo that related:-

5 bottles of chivas == RM1500

liam n me^^

me n Sharene =]

mok, me, JC n boy~

we again

me n dou dou =D


san,me,snake n boy