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This is a nice & funny movie by HK stars
On 18 March, my friend and I went to Jusco to watch this movie
we decided to watch this movie at night, that is 11pm
we went there with 2 cars, and quite crowded
that was 11 people, that was my first time watch movie with many friends
by the way it was also the 1st time I watched in 首映
but there was happened an unhappy incident
that was one of my friend's wallet was gone
anyway, hope that he will more careful next time

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Dear friends
do you ever wronged by others?
if you meet this kind of matter, it is really suffer
especially in love
if you are the victim, you need to describe your situation with the point which is support to you.
if you are the person who are listen to the person who are trying to talk your girl friend or boy friend bad things, please give your girl friend or your boy friend chance to describe to you whether it is true or not
Need to learn how to precious the person who you love or the person who loves you
a chance can be change your luck and be patient to make decision.



Result Was Released ...

On 1st March
my last semester's result was released
first of all, when my friend helped me to key in my ID and Password
I was scared at all
my heart jump until wanna came out already
WOW !!
Finally I was FAILED one subject and the subject is Programming Concept & Design II
this subject I was expected will feel already so I still can control my emotion
but I got the result with C- and if I got C then I already pass
it makes me frustrated & mad
the only way for me is to resit for the paper
Streessssssssssss will follow with me in this semester
hope I can get what I want.