Love The Way You Lie...

Maybe that is the best way to calm down~



This week is already week 13
wau..just a blink of eyes then my year2 1st sem is going to the end
it will be ending next week, which mean week 14
after then will take my final exam
I am scaring with my final exam
because seem like nothing prepare from me
I hope that I can get all pass for the subjects that I will be going to take
besides that
recently is really quite busy and frustrated
really hate that kind of feeling
why what I had done sure wrong
and never think about why I want to do so?
*The candy that we eat, will not sweet forever, it will contain with many types of tastes*


Moral & Etika Presentation..

The above photos were taken at my hostel..
I found that the photos seem like foolish..
haha..and I am thin!!
actually I am quite sad to see this..
but I can't do any changes on it
because no matter how I eat also won't gain weight =(

The above photos were taken at college inside the class
because out topic was terrorism
so that we were acting like terrorist
hahaha!! actually the last photo seems like so funny
because we were wearing the same sun glass and give a smile =D
the photo was edited by my friend JC and it is a nice photo.
When finish our presentation
our lecturer said that our presentation was good
haha...make us happy ^^



The sunset is beautiful
it was snapped from my hostel
recently really happened many things
it made me frustrated & down
how come it will happen? I couldn't believe it and for sure couldn't received it why will happen
if can I wish to find back the time during my 3rd semester and freeze at that period and before you go for work
How come you will have that kind of thinking?
so disappointed and sad
I hope you can don't think it anymore and concentrate on our
I willing to hold your hand to walk through our life
I willing to love you forever
I willing to hope that you can give me that chance to take care you forever
I willing to tell you: " Yes,I DO !"
I willing to ask you: " DO YOU? "