Multiple title...

Actually this post combine 2 day what had happened with me..
(23/12/09 - 24/12/09)

8pm++ we start our assignment
that is programming assignment
it is so so so so complicated and no idea to do it
luckily I have a friend is expert in this subject
that is Yap Heng Zhi and I need to take tis opportunity to thank him for help us a lot in this assignment
we do until 12am then the guard need to close the gate already
then we change place to continue for our assignment
but at that place also will close on 12am
but don't know why the guard never do so
he see have people there just wait for the people finish just close
then we continue do our work until next morning 7.xx am
what a rushing assignment that we have
from 23/12 8pm++ do until 24/12 7.xx am ++
this is my 1st time =="
I have no idea to describe myself?
during the assignment I still have a nap on the sofa
after that we not decided to sleep
because we will have class at 9am
then we go eat dim sum =]
G cheong fun with prawn =]
my thumb :)

after finish my class I rush back to hometown and go Ipoh-Voodoo to countdown merry Christmas
by the way I think we had spent RM 7xx ==
open 2 bottles of chivas and few bucket of beer
and there is crowded too many people already==
and hot like shit quite
but get fun also
the 1st time I hot like that
badly my hp was broken suddenly
and cant take some photo
anyway wish all of my friend Merry Christmas~

The pictures is taken from JC's blog..



today is 冬至 @@
normally grandma say 冬至打过年
but I dont know it is whether right or not ?
this year also cant at home eat 'tang yuan'
last year also, because at KL work
but never mind I think hehe
wish whole family who are celebrate this festival with fully of happiness
wish everyone will keep on healthy =]


To My Mui - - Eileen

Love dont leave,

Through thick and thin you have been
Been in love and out again
Again you are here
here beside me forever be
Be what u always have been,be a light
light that guides me, my shining star
star that glows within my heart
heart on fire, emotions in flames
flames that burn me inside
inside this body filled with desire
desire that runs trough my veins
veins rushing with emotional need
need that only you can feel
Feel me, listen to my heart, hear me
hear me when i say i need u like the air i breath
breath life into me for without love I'd die


this is for u =]
there are infinity of lovesssss around with u
dont unhappy ya !!



Yesterday was holiday
because of Awal Muharam
then when thursday I came back hometown already
with my fren's car
when we wanted to back
suddenly heavy rain ==
around 2hours++ we reached already
during these days I just try to rush for my webpage development's assignment only
it makes me do until wanna crazy already
until now still cant finish yet
still need help from my lecturer
today afternoon mum was baked muffin

it is chocolate muffin
and it is delicious also XD
it contains many chocolate chips
yummy ~
it seems like not nice to see, but it is nice to eat =]

tomoro sunday will go back to kampar again
and will busy whole week again
actually the busy week is come continously until final exam
'try my best to prove myself'



I went for a christmas event at SAD hall
actually I went there with my coursemate
before we went there, it was started to rain
got a bit worried with if when then event end then will hard to go back home
although went there by car with my friend's honda accord
the car not bad =]
the event started on 7.30pm but it was not on time
the theme for the event was HELLO if I was not forgot
it was held by christian fellow ship & music society
there were a variety of show
the most that I like was popping and dancing only
besides that there still have lucky draw
my friend got a gift only, but it is useless for him haha
and I saw a lot of my friends such as leng lui geh PIE and RENN XD



Week 10th..

This week is already week 10th
this semester is pass through so fast
just a blink of eyes
still have 4 more weeks to go
and will end my 2nd sem already
this week can say as the most busier week
but i do believe it will come continuously
during this week I had done my english group discussion
then IS just do 3/4 already
but I cant help wat also because I dont know how to do
I hv to say thanks to my sifu because he do a lot =="
next also will be a busy week
actually damn hate it !!!
still have somethings not done yet :
  1. IS assignment
  2. Programming assignment
  3. Webpage Devolopment practicals
  4. Webpage Devolopment assignment
  5. Web Based Multimedia Application
  6. IS test on next Tuesday (15/12)
GOD help me T_T
it is a lot of works
hope that I can finish it as fast as I can
if not I will go to mad on it
hope will have someone give me support T_T
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu T_T



Recently were passing the dull life
feel like meaningless already
feel like lost everythings already
feel all are the end

this week come back to hometown
I get some bad news from my friends
there are 3 of my friends (boys) have been broke up with their gf already
3 of them also have been given up by their gf
when I hear these news from my friend I get shock on it
again...feel disappointed with love already
they look pity..las9 we go and drink beer
hope that they will recover as fast as possible




A. 被点到名字的要在自己的博客里写下自己的答案,
仍然组成20个问题, 传给其他8个人,

B. 这8个人要在自己的部落格裡註明是从哪裡接到的,


· Nicholas

· 读书

· 懒惰。。哈哈~

· 会暗示吧@@

· 不知 ==

· 靓 =D

· 学士毕业

· 跟爱人一起吧

· 不知

· 没什么特别。。娃哈哈~

· 睡觉

12.接下来最想去旅行的国家或城市? 为什麼?
· 英国。。没为什么..

· 因为做这问题的人很无聊

· 不错吧 XD

· 不知

· 昨晚

· 喜欢就喝

· 。。。。

· 好朋友

· 不知

1. Pie Xin Yee =D
2. Renn Wong =D
*3. Xiao Ya =D


The last month of a year..

The Power of - Celine Dion


Today is 1st December
as time passes this month is already the last month for a year
need to say goodbye with 2009
by the way need to welcome 2010
wat I did in this year?
there were many =D
wish that in coming year will more peaceful & health to my family and also my friends
nth is imposible by taking action =)

recently met a lot of trouble
anyway just take it easy and pass through my life
last 2 weeks I heard a news about my fren
the news made me got shocked and cant believe it was true
what I mention here just myself know what had happend sry hehe =]
because I needed to keep secret with my promise to my friend