Temporary END...

Finally my exam was ended on 28 April
my last subject was Programming Concept & Design I
it was one of my resit subject
I hope I can pass this subject and also the other 4 subjects
So now I will enjoy my holiday
I think until 17 May then new semester will start
still have a lengthy way to go for my diploma life
will be new begin soon
my Rabbit will graduate in this year
I am happy and proud of her
when I was finish my exam then she prepared home make lunch for me
it was nice and delicious
thank you my Rabbit..
I not willing to leave you, when together with you I am so warm and need to thank you to take care me within this period, all of the sweet memory that we had passed through I sure won't forget one
no matter where you go, I sure will miss you
and wait u come back to find me
Lovessss will be given to my Rabbit only
love you my Rabbit


End with not willing to mood..



Recently I am quite suffer
seem like all the things had changed
is because those incidents make me hard to breath
I am so suffer
how come will like that?
can i chase it away and don't follow with me?
please give back me the normal respiratory system
I wish there will not have anything happen again PLEASE
if not i will go to die soon
Will love my RABBIT forever..



12/04/10 my college was started the exam until 28th I think
on Monday, I was taken one of my resit subject, that was Information Technology
I felt it was easy, and I can wrote out much of them
after the exam I felt my hand was tired enough !!!
hope I can pass this resit subject
by the way the coming subject is E-Commerce (21 April)
then will be
RESIT subject -- Programming Concept & Design II (22 April)
MAIN subject -- Introduction to Business (23 April)
RESIT subject -- Programming Concept & Design I (28 April)
I hope I can get well prepare for there all subjects
I don't wan make my RABBIT and parent dissapointed
RABBIT thank you for yours support
It makes me happy hehe :)
I will appreciate what we had passed through
YEAH v(n_n)v


我爱他。。Just For You Rabbit..

although I didn't watch much that movie with you
but I can remember this song
it makes me think of you too
thank you bring me a lot of unforgetable memories & fun
I want to tell everyone in this world
我爱他 RABBIT you are the one I love


The End of 3rd Semester...

The time just passing with a blink of eyes
7 weeks were gone
8/4/10 is the last day go to college attend for the class
and now just wait for exam
I will take 3 subjects for resit and 2 paper is main paper
I feel it is pressure for me
I hope I can pass all of the subject
and one of the incident that I not willing to do is my rabbit is going to graduate soon, and will no longer at Kampar, makes me sad and will sososo miss my rabbit
I hope when u have time please come and find me
I will miss u much..rabbit
wish both of us will luck always
lastly I also wish all of my friends can get a good result in coming final exam
Silly boy will always available for rabbit only...