it is some time I didn't update my blog already
finally my exam was finished
then my fren and I went to steamboat to end this exam
after that I went back to my hometown next day afternoon
by the way..i not so satisfy with myself in this time exam
but it can't change already just let it be
now just stay at home to enjoy my holiday
hmm actually at home also damn boring
because don't know what to do also

19 Jan was my birthday
I want to thank to my DIT2's friend to celebrate with me
and need to thank for those who were sent me the wishes
thank you all yeah ^^

thank you for the cake bought by my classmate =]




The last day for the English for Communication class

Mok, Siew Fei(not at at the camera), Ken, JC & me

me & Ken

The right one & facing with "will" that word that is my hand =]

white shoe and surround with green line that is my shoe =]

friends =D
by the way I need to thank for Ken, because he was edited some of the pictures
and make it looks more nicer hehe

mum baked muffin again when I went back to hometown
I like to eat, thanks mum =]
left few days then need to exam already
hope that I can handle it >.<



The Last Day of Sem 2...

Today is the last day for the 2nd semester
the time passes as a blink of eyes
so fast until the last day of 2nd semester
during this semester I felt that I had learnt nothing
oh my god >.<
today when my friends and I finish class then we go and eat McD
because I wish to eat 发财汉堡包 & it seems like so nice hehe
but after I ate and I told myself I won't eat it again
because the black papper too disgusting =="
it makes me felt want to vomit !!
SCARY...1st time eat 发财汉堡包 and also the last time eat 发财汉堡包
after that we go PC fair at Ipoh stadium
and I just look for the external USB & look for the anti virus software
then we hang around and spend us 1 hour ++
around 3.xx pm then back hometown le~
special thank for JC to fetch me XD

2nd sem's exam is coming soon
i feel so scare
dont know how to study and feel like no mood to study also
wish all the best for tarc study in this exam including me too
my exam will start from 14th - 22nd January


Last class for PIS..

some of my friends didnt come =="

4 of us with sir

today is the last class for PIS subject
so today we have taken some pictures to end for this class
in the picture that is Mr. Tham he is teaching me PIS subject
actually I gotta feeling will fail this subject ==
haiz...damn it
anyway thank you for teaching us for 14 weeks


Happy New Year 2010..

meng, kok hang & me.

omg tis photo makes me look like foolish =="

happy new year to all of my friends
I went to KL and pass the new year
this year new year was passed with very special one
it was passed in the car
because was the traffic jam makes my friends and I had been forced to pass new year in the car
actually we wanted to pass the new year at the top of the hill but we were failed to do that==
because the traffic jam and made us just went half of the hill only
but we still can see the fireworks from KLCC
the scenery looked excellent
besides that I was bought a lot of things exspecially wears
lastly I wish that in the new year, my family and all of my friends will get good fortunes & good health, and the world will peace onwards