Laughing Gor之潜罪犯

A movie that continue with the Live of Omission (潜行追击)
When the movie not yet on scree
I already very excited and waiting for it
finally I went to watch at on Friday(6th Jan)
I went in cinema happily and waited for the show
at the beginning part, I was felt quite boring with the movie
The story is not enough excited and to much of conversation parts
besides that, the main character - Laughing Gor was dead at the end(actually I didn't know whether he has dead or not) 
Sad & Disappointed with this movie :'(
Some of my friends were not understand with the movie too 
Yea, it was really weird :S
anyway, I at least I got shown my support for this movie..haha!! :D


Happy 2012 ..

A banner from Google to celebrate 2012!
Yeah..Google will always celebrate the festival with decorate the banner.

Finally 2012 is here now
wish my family & friends have a very nice begin for this new year 2012
lucks, wealthy & healthy go to you and me as well :P
Besides that, every country also has their own celebration on their capital
they played firecrackers and a stage for the singers
the people were enjoyed the countdown section :)

The above video was taken by a team of youngster at KL - Bukit Bintang
It was crowded on that night
and they did a great job to bring an awesome video for the last moment at KL in 2011.

Here is another awesome video clip happened at London
the firecrackers were really nice and beautiful
I wish that I were there to join the countdown for 2012
sadly I was not there :( haha!!
Happy New Year - Happy 2012