Price Tag ..

Hey..buddies, you may try to listen to this song
it is so NICE
I love it so much =)

I was passed a very nice weekend last week
the feeling all came back to me haha
hope that kind of feeling will continue won't stop
thanks dear =)


Presentation ..

Friday was my English For Science presentation
the above photo were 3 of us, haha
our title is "The Most Suitable Laptop for TARC Student"
it was an interested topic for us, because we are studying IT course
but on that day I can't performed well for my presentation
actually I m quite sad & so disappointed with myself
on that day, I really hoped that can have one more chance to present again :(
Recently the weather is bad
rain for a while then stop, after that start to rain again
bring me a lot of inconvenience
and friends, please take care you self ;)


Japan Earthquake ..

From the photos we can see clearly what was happened in Japan right now
It was too bad
our earth is getting sick
Hope that the coming day
can bring our earth save and peace
please don't happen again and let the human being to suffer

*Let Us Pray For Japan*
may god bless Japan & rest in peace for those victim.



Finally the feeling was returned
I am damn happy from Friday night (4 March) until now
even when I sleep I also will smile and sleep
really so funny
and I like this feeling
HOPE that it will not again happen to me
yeah !!!!
I can felt your honesty and will trust on you again
let us FLY away =)


Shadowless ..

Today just finish a writing test, it is about letter and memo, choose one of them to write.
I choose memo as my final choice.
hope that can get a good grade in it
By the way it is also the end of the 3rd week
I still have 4 more weeks to go and sit for my final exam
It has 2 subjects
as usual, wish all the best for my final exam
Recently I fall in love with this song 你为什么说谎
it was awesome
& also
today happen something that out of my expectation
please bring your message to me.


Origin Point ..

It was the end of February & also now is the week 3 for my this short semester
all are going just like a blink of eyes
it is too fast for me
after 7 weeks for me, I though I can, but actually I still at the origin point, never and not willing to move toward
I am having suffer feeling by these passed days
why must be like that?
already lost memory?