Royal Wedding ..

Congratulation to Prince William and Kate
I can saw the wedding live and I felt happy
It was elegant
many of the people from this world also will envy on them
including me
Lastly, wish two of them love each other forever.


爱玉冰 。。

It is so tasty and also one of the memorable food for me.
Came from Pasar Malam at Kampar.


Singapore Fried Mee Hoon ..

This pack of mee hoon was brought me a lot of unforgetable memories.
it came from Kampar Wings Cottage Restaurant.


The End of Semester ..

I was finished my this semester in college
and the final exam is around the corner
I need to take 2 subjects in my exam
which are :
i) English for Science
ii) Object Oriented Programming Techniques(Resit)

I hope that I can pass these two subjects in my final exam because I don't want to RESIT again please
by the way I wish all of my friends also will do well for their exam .. Gambateh =)

Time will not wait for you,
it depends on how you are going to use only.
Please appreciate ..