On saturday night (26th sep)
my frens n I was 'on'
the venue was Voodoo at ipoh =]

look from outside...

hao,bos,me n warload =]

bos n me =]

Jiang =]

alice n jiang =]

cant see clearly==

alice n me


Scary of Contact Len..

One of my fren
she is contact len user
when she wan to bed
then she hv to take out the contact len b4 slp
but suddenly she cant take it out
after tat she go to hospital to get help from doctor
luckily the len can take it out
if not i also cant imagine wat will happen with her
then she hv to stay at hospital for 2 days
hope tat she will careful to use on it in future
dont happen any unhappy incident with her
gal take care =]
by the way
hope all the contact len users will use it carefully :)

beside tat
I back to hometown also hv few days already
it is nothing special for me
jus help father to work
and nearly with Hari Raya
it is many cars and always traffic jam
bring some trouble for me ==
lastly wish all the malays hv a nice Hari Raya =)




My exam was ended yesterday 11am
the 1st feeling tat i got was happy
cos the exam was finished
then yesterday I went to cc to play with frens
when at night
my coursemate n I went to eat steamboat
tat was Rm18 per person
the price still ok
there were alot of foods to eat
all of my frens ate until full
not bad..it was alot of fun at there
after tat I directly went back to my hometown to enjoy 3 weeks of holiday
actually in tis 3 weeks i dont hv any plan
but the important can come back hometown together with family
cos I dint come back hometown for 2 months already
wow..damn miss family
it makes me get home sick T_T
lastly wish all of my frens will enjoy thier holiday
see you all in next sem =]
take care



Math paper..

My math paper up car already
I hv to ready RM80 to resit tis subject
I m damn hot
it is totally harder than the pass year question
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant imagine I will get wat grade in tis subject
no mood..


Exam period...

It is a nice currypuff
it's size is bigger than others
it's cost RM1.50
it is sell by a indian,but his look not like indian @@

That day my US fren was sent me a link
the link was about the funny picture
the link was :-
if u r stress u may try to go tis link to look around
above are 2 pieces of pic
I like it so much
haha bcos it is funny

I hv finished 2 subjects there were BI n HE
and the rest subjects are BM, Math, Programming n IT
14th is the las day for my exam
after day I will go back to hometown =]
beside tat, I also wish all the best for my frens who are sitting with exam
good luck~

End Up