Finally my:
Databased Assignment
Web-based Programming Test &
Behavioural Science Presentation
were finished
by passing this time like living in the hell
really tough
keep holding on to remain the situation :)

Recently found that my English level is poor
have to work more harder to improve it
anyone willing to give me a helping hand?



Today go to Kampar McDonald to take my lunch -- McChicken
go there with my coursemate and we have a lot of fun
by the way I go back to my hometown this week
the aim is the celebrate friend's coming birthday
if not I think I will not come back to my hometown
recently the weather is cold and keep raining
sometimes bring me inconvenient and drive me to mad

I found out something makes me awake from my dream, it may not be a hope but I still will look for it
hope that the feeling that I feel now not the truth just an imagination


My Laptop =)

On Sunday morning I was opened up my laptop to clean the dust that was stuck in my laptop's fan there.
made my laptop can't released heat easily, drove me to mad
because sometimes when the fan spinning so fast and it suddenly auto shut down
from now onward, I will not face this kind of problem anymore, due to all of the dust has been removed from my laptop ^^
I was facing this problem for few months, finally it has GONE..


Mood Like Equalizer...

Recently I am having unstable mood
as same as what is showing on the above that picture
sometimes happy
sometimes nothing special
sometimes unhappy
this is what we must pass through in our life
happy or not happy we still need to go on our life
but for me sure I hope I can go on my life happily and meaningful
by the way, my rabbit is acting a very important character in my world
I hope you will not brag on me
let us heat up our life together
love you =)



Recently I am having a complicated situation and thinking
it made me irritated and mad
how come it will happen
really out of my expectation & disappointed
hope the devil thinking will disappear very soon
because once it was gone, and it will not come back again
please appreciate what you have right now