As time passes
can see tat, time is pass through so fas
now is holiday for all the primary & secondary school student
quite nice and happy
hope all of u have a unforgetable memory during tis mid term holiday
plan for a trip with family or fren tis is a good idea^^


Happy birthday to my fren-->Jenn Chyi
bro wish u think wat u wan and wat u get in future
but the important is stay happy and healty in ur life
anyway all the best for u bro~




Recently dont know y keep feel so bored
wat is the damn life now?
like today whole day no class
jus on9, but on9 also dont know wat to do
or lying on the bed
like tat over a day already
feel tat it is not meaningful in my life
hope tat i can find back my life as usual
and today i saw her for 2 times
damn + fuck
wat the hell
like tat also scare ?
i think tat mayb u no face to face with me
fuck you la
the noob face + the damn attitude = the fucking bitch
pui u as much as i can
really hope and please dont appear in front of me
boubui ar boubui
come on la
study hard lo
dont lazy le la
if like tat only cry also nth can do
bb will support u de o
hope tat u can see my support from here
if u continue lazy at the end also will get 0 geh
boubui study hard!!!!
all the best for u


It is running..♥

Today is the 1st day for my diploma life
today look great
and really crowd and see many new student
some more
leng zai
leng lui
and many again
I cant believe tat today my 1st class at FDK 1
it is really crowd
and full of people
the feeling not bad
but if too many people in 1 class
it will bcome more noisy
or cant concentrate
bcos we r combine with 4 classes
on the other hand
I cant see some of my CIT frens
it is quite disapointed
but nvm
I will suffer it soon
hope all of the subject also will easy
cos i scare resit ==
god bless me
today is the 1st day
luckily I never see u in college area
and I hope tat wont see u forever in my life
recently the weather is damn fucking hot !!!!!
when sleep, the sweat also will come out
hate it
all of u must take care of tis




abc 123 →※← ??

the result was came out
when I woke up from my bed
I quickly downstair looked for the college's web
when I was login through intranet
I was felt really nervous
it was because i will face with my result
finally all pass
an A and 2 B
the result quite ok for me
and i felt happy and quickly show to my parent
I believe tat they are satisfy with my result
unfortuanally my fren-Hua
he cant pass for the resit subject
when i hear tis news from my fren
I m sad and unhappy
cos we r same class for 1 year already
and in tis year, we got infinities of happiness
by the way, mayb tis is luck i think
anyway, wat will he do in future
I will support on him
fren dont gv up
go toward and get better in ur life
tats all tat u can do
and it is already the truth
when at night he say tat he nth already
then i feel better

just now have a firecracker show
the show spend around 5mins
it look nice and interesting
it is bcos the new building inaugurate


24th May
the incident is already 1month
it is the truth?
y i cant get the answer yet
keep stronger and stronger to fight the devil
i hope tat i can do tat


25th May
tat is the open school day
it will bcome as usual
but now is promote to diploma already
work hard==!!!!!
the busy
the damn
the shit
life is coming soon
already get the timetable from Jenn Chyi
the unsatisfy thing is why we cant join the new student together
i think can know more new fren
but it is same class with all my CIT fren
dont understand why
hope all the best in diploma
best regard for myself
and sure to my for all of my frens too




Today we are gethering at The Gate
cos some of them are holiday
and jus come out chit-chat
the feeling not bad
quite funny
when everytime gether together
sure will get alot of fun
tomoro will back to secondary school
to take the spm real certificate
i think also will get alot of fun




How about tis cake^^?
it was done by me
today my mum suddenly ask me to make a cake
so I jus make it
by the way I also can spend my time on it
although it's skin look not nice
but it was really nice to eat
and I mix some coffee taste
it was really nice^^
recently the weather is really hot
frens drink more water to keep body healthy
dont get sick

so fas
it is the time to ready to back to studies
tis week i will go back to kampar already
actually i not yet start school one
but i hv to accompany my damn good fren - Shiang Yee
she is alone at there
as her damn good fren sure will help her alot
frens we will meet up soon



yesterday my grandparents asked me to go to hypermarket with them
then I quickly think of her
it was sad
cos the hypermarket was near with her house
so I m ready myself and toke them went to there
when reached there it was crowded
like all things were free one
spent about 2 hours at there
then when back, my bro's trolly made my shoe broken already
and at there were many people saw me I think
it was really damn and so fish
after tat we went to relative house
on the way, I was pass through her house and look after
it made me think back all of our happiness
it was really sad for me
while on the way, the song-better in time appear again from the speaker
it made me think back all of our happiness agian
then jus went to my destination
and at relative there stay a night
Today back home and pass through her home I keep will have a looked
althrough it was over but sometime I still will think back with her
how come
pls I dont wan to suffer it
when can I put down all of its