Recently hv abit happy
actually I also dont know wat hv happend
today get back the IT test paper
I got (17/20)
m i clever like tat?
I dont think so
actually coming tis friday I wan to go back hometown one
but need to hv replacement class on 3-6 pm
by the way I also take the HE subject's make good test
damn scare now
hope tat I can pass for the make good test
tomoro will be the programming lab test
it is wanna to write the program
also hv abit worry on it..
hope all the best also



Saturday & Sunday also no back home
at here quite boring
also dont know wat to do
but tis 2 days I listen to many of the remix song
feel tat so nice
DJ tiesto's song damn nice
I hv a song is 7x mins
today jus listen
one of his song is name-Traffic
also a nice song
but I also feel so boring in tis 2 days
when can say goodbye with boring
??I also dont know??



Las9 when finish o-night
then i go back to home n waiting for my fren to eat together
how know he cant go out so I think eat myself
then my fren ask me to go clubbing
so tat I jus folo them
I take away nasi pataya eat in fren's car
unluckily dont hv spoon inside
in tat moment I m really angry
finally I eat with my hand

There are also most of my college's student
and the Mr & Mrs Tarc also at there
las year Mr & Mrs Tarc
DIB's dong
and many of them
feeling not bad
I fount tat everytime the las song tat the DJ play sure is I'm Yours
this song is really nice
I love it so much
when going back, meet an unhappy incident
but nvm la
only the fucking shit ppl will do tat
tis type of person better go to die


The End of O-Night...

The Orientation night jus finish
Mr TARC is Benjamin
Mrs TARC is Lee Jing
both of them also come from Publick Relation course
anyway jus congratulation to them
but for the asking question section by the lecturers
they at not satisfy
jus asnwer short only
abit boring when in the hall
but better than alone at home


Later will go Orientation-Night for 2009
actually jus for freshman
but I try to get the ticket from my frens
finally get it
for guys need to wear formal
for gals I dont know call wat
hehe sry
will look for the MR & MRS TARC(my college)
las year when it was not finish then I back home already
cos boring
but tis year dont know
hope tat will get alot of fun


When during the rest time for programming class
my fren n I go to downstair to hv a walk
then I ask my fren to help me take a photo
tat is under the sun
the shadow inside de pic tat one is me
look so funny
but I dont know hv someone see our foolish action or not
friday day already
the time pass away with a terrible speed
aim where are u?
I also dont knw


Solar Eclipse..

A news from yahoo
look interesting so i take a look with it
is talk about solar eclipse
it happen in Asia
did u hv a look on solar eclipse?
and it is also longest solar eclipse of this century,a rare event


Jus set up nuffnang
i see my fren set it so i jus folo
i feel tat tis program will much suitable for gals
cos i think tat gals will get more viewer
and can earn money more fast
but unluckily i m boy
nvm, jus apply it for fun

Today quite unlucky also
cos when it was 4.30pm class
when reached jus know tat
the class has been canclled
so my fren n I walked back to home
on the way to home
we went to hv a match of dato game
the days is passes with boring life
is it will continue in my life?
myself also dont know
??question mark??



Las few days ago when i went back to hometown
i met a japanese in msn
actually her father was japanese
so i asked her about good morning, afternoon and night in japanese
Good morning = ohayogozaimasu
Good evening = konnbannwa
Good night = oyasuminasai
not bad
haha..hv abit interesting with japanese languages

Today my math lecturer gv back our test paper
at 1st i feel tat I wrong many
but at least I get pass on it
damn happy with 55/88
mum I have done it


BaBy MiLo =O

Recently I feel tat i fall in love with baby milo again
today when I went to spec shop to help my fren to take con
then i saw a baby milo shirt
it was really cute
so i bought it
important was bought at malay's shop
the price wont expensive also
on the way back home
I were bring a nice mood went home
and the I let my mum look at it
she said nice but look too small
I replied anyway I will try to wear it
baby milo~I You
bcos of buy tis shirt
in the same time i forget to buy the bus ticket to go back
then i go again on 6.xx pm
but the counter close already
today happen something already
abit unhappy tim@@
anyway,I will respect ur decision



The time pass so fas
today is friday already
the time pass week by week
almost 1 month for finish the 1st sem
dont know y i keep thinking with my result
how come T_T
scare scare scare

Today go back hometown already
always take a long journey
when reach home so tired@@
nth to say jor lo



Today hv a math test
i think all still can do
but for decimal chg to binary,octal & hexa
i cant do it
anyway it pass already

on the other hand for the HE subject
i jus get 12/40
it is really disapointed on myself
i m ready to take the make good test
and for the programming subject only get 2/10
tis subject i can accept

hope tat i can do well in other test
god bless me !!

Adult In CaR...♀♥♂

las9 i went to crazydance to buy tis shirt
it looks nice but dare to wear it out tat is another story
there hv a variety of this kind of t-shirt
some of them is look funny
some look too over
not dare to buy it
if gv mami see it will hit me
On the other hand
las9 my fren n I rush the progromming assignment
all had done but only the flowchart make us headache
after tat we go n find another fren for help
after get the flowchart then we start to draw it
finally finished it on 3.xx am
#define .......
void main()
int ...
above is the way tat i hv use in my assignment
who know programming jus know wat i m writting
math will be given a test
how me all the best
god bless me


SimplE LifE..

Today when i wake up from my bed
i realise tat my hand become like tis
make me get a shock
not only tis part
other part also like get many
1st thing tat i imagine is look like tattoo==

This is the list of the CIT promote to DIT students
tats my name^^
on 11 July 2009 there was the graduation day for TARC perak campus
but i never attent
but nvm la

at night my frens n I go to study room to do revision on math subject
now hv abit worry about math subject
it looks harder n harder
I wan to try my best to master it
I dont wan repeat or resit!!!!
one of my fren JC he suddenly likes to take photo
so tis is the photo taken by him under reflection on DELL notebook
not bad
the photo look nice
inside the picture n wearing with blue tat one is me..
damn funny~


A Big Butterfly@@

Today abit boring
when in afternoon start to do abit my homework
and ply game as well
bside tat really dont know wat to do
when i go to order dinner
by the way i go n find my fren
after we chat
i jus realise tat i forget to bring out my purse
luckily i m not waiting in the shop
if not it is so embarrassing
so i boro 10 ringgit from my fren

at night suddenly a big butterfly fly in my room
but it look beauty
but it's wing hv abit destroy already
until now still stand at there
i dont know when it will move
mayb some one is come into my room to visit me


Most Expensive Cities

World's Top Five Most Expensive Cities To Live
1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Osaka, Japan
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Geneva, Switzerland
5. Hong Kong

Yesterday i saw an advertisment from yahoo
talk about the most expensice cities in the world
1st of all i think tat sure is for US one
but no1 & no2 also from Asia
the important is also from Japan-Tokyo & Osaka
its look great
if hv chance i wish to be there and try the life style at Tokyo
from my imagine it will best
the no3 & no4 are from Europe
for tis 2 countries i not so interesting on them
in my mind i feel tat like nth special
no5 is from Hong Kong
when i see it i also get shock
cos cant imagine Hong Kong is builting up faster n faster
really cant look down with Hong Kong
erm..but from tis 5 countries i prefer Tokyo

my roomate's family bring him durian
it is too smelly la
hate it
make the whole house also durian smell
somemore put in the refrigerator
no need say lo~
the whole refrigerator sure contain of the bad smell
my apple also inside there
i need fresh air !!!



Today when math lecture it is terrible
me n my fren are late to the class
then when we go in the lecturer is scolding someone
today he scold ppl again
sometime he really cant control his emotion
and look terrible la
after 1hour ++ the lecturer hall is damn cold already
then he finally also didnt replace the 20 mins for us
so jus let us back
but i cant imagine wat will happen if he replace the 20 mins for us
mayb my fren-sifu will become ice already
haha XD
when end class he hv a request
tat is he wan us say sry sir
in the same time he also say sry student
he looks like get hurt@@
then today when 6am hv a essay test for BM subject
so cant go back to hometown
i spend around an hour on tis essay
actually it is half and hour for tis test
i quite satisfy my essay
but dont know will out of topic or not==
about 400 words o
at night jus find fren to ply dota
but it is not fun at all
cos 3 matchs also are leaver game
actually another reason i no back to hometown is
saturday will hv a graduation function in my college
b4 tat i hv already passed up the attendent form to college
but we are jus cert level n the certificate will not take in tat time
so we decided no wan to go for the graduation function
so Saturday n Sunday dont know wat to do..
a word-sien

recently the weather been chged already
turn to cold already
not bad
anyway hope all of my fren also will take care on it



Today nth special
jus stay at home
and facing with laptop
n on9 only..
feel sien>.<
today i keep eat the chocolate
it is damn nice!!
especially the kit-kat
beside tat i also hv ply dota with my bro
quite funny on it
i think tat he need more practise also
nth to say jor


Back hometown again囧

Today back on 12.xx pm
bcos i hv to take my new IC
so go back again
luckily no need wait too long time and the bus reach jor
when reach ipoh i still see the ppl waiting for sri maju bus
and the i quickly run to the counter and buy the ticket
and rush to the waiting place
when i reach there the bus was gone
then i feel unluckily on tat time
feel wanna pengsan already==
the time is 2.30pm
i miss tat bus so hv to chg to 3.55pm
and the i dont know go where and i stand in front the shop
jus 1 person like foolish standing there without aim
then i see my secondary school frens
and they look at me and tat time i feel i more foolish==
then i go to the coffee shop and hv a cup of tea ice
by the way i m listening to the music to spend the time
the time is pass so fas
jus awhile then until 3.45pm jor
so i go and wait for the bus
finally bus is arrive and look crowded
sit with a malay guy look lclc de
when reach home also 4something jor

today when in math lecturer class
the air-cond is really really damn strong
make everyone also feel cold lo
but the switch is lock
so cant switch off it
finally the class dismiss early
Mr.Yop thk u^^

today(o3.o7.09) is a windy day
the wind keep blow stronger n stronger
and make my hair messy already
hate it lo


Nice forward msg ♡ ♥

Today i hv receive a msg from my friend---Kei Kei
it look so lum
and share at here with my friends


I love walking in the rain cos nobody know i'm crying~

Don't try to betray the one that you love~






these all phrases look so nice
and i feel tat it is true and meaningful
i m sry with the person who dont know chinese
i also cant help u to translate
slpy already
good night


In tis semester everydays also 9am
except monday is 11am only
but i slp around 12.xx-1.xx
i feel tat not enough slp
feel suffer
damn it
wat the fuck
the time table is not nice
hope in coming soon semester can get a better time table
hv 9am hv suffer
no 9am no trouble
9am shit

in tis few night also come alot of insect
but dont know tat is wat insect
and it will bite u one
some of them is green colour one
so terrible and so hate them!!!
bite u and u will feel very itchy and wan 'wa' ur tat itchy de place
somemore will waiting u on ur bed
when i go for my bed
then they will start to bite u
it is really trouble
on the other hand
they will die in the next day
and will appear on the floor
need to sweap the floor
really really trouble

started the new month--July
is the time to slp
bye bye