Princess and Se7en Kungfu Fighters(笑功震武林)

A off day
I went to watch this movie with my cousin sister
at first I was quite excited with this movie
but a bit disappointed with the movie
3 out of 5 as it not brought me too much of surprise
I am still appreciate the free movie voucher from Asus (if I not mistaken :P)
This is the voucher :D
I used it in Gurney Plaza's cinema
haha! Thanks~~ 
YEA! I like my shirt ;)
it's from Hard Rock Hotel Penang! :D
Luckily my cousin dated me to go out
or else I have idea what should I do during my off day
maybe whole day sit in front of my laptop
that's totally lifeless
We ended up with Subway and Blackball
what a nice hangout! 
I need a life! 

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