A YEAR After..

Hi friends, this blog seems like has been stopped for a year.
Yeah, right. It has stopped for a year never been updated.
During the year 2012, I think there were quite a lot of memories.
The one who cannot be forgot was 2012 was the end of the world, but luckily we all are still alive peacefully :) 
Thanks god!

On the other hand, another amazing thing happened was PSY has launched his song called Gangnam Style(강남스타일) this song was really powerful and even to the world.
It has 1,173,693,451 viewers (13 Jan 2013, 4.03pm)
First and only one reached this huge figure.
After this song launched, there were quite a lot of other version came out in my country - Malaysia. Such as KL Style, Ipoh Style and etc.
This is the only Korean song I listening to, as I don't even listen to any of the Korean song. Haha!

I got my very first job as web developer at Ipoh on May 2012 until Nov 2012. I have started my second job in Hard Rock Hotel Penang until now.

I can't write out every thing happened to me one by one,
just briefly what have happened on 2012.
2013 is a brand new year, hopefully that it will be a good & peaceful year for me, my family and friends :) 

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