Chinese New Year ..

The day before Chinese New Year,
I visited to this 2 places to took phone,
since it is so famous in Penang.
These 2 art works has done by Ernest Zacharevic
well done man!

I went back to my hometown on 8th Feb after work
luckily it was no traffic jam when I was going back home.
During Chinese New Year,
I have met my friends and yet we got chit-chat as well
nothing much special.
Family came back
and also chit-chat.
Finally 12th Feb I came back to working place
13th Feb just started to work!

Grandma & grandpa when they were young

This Blacky he scared while the firecracker playing
it seems like hard already
will not move any more.

Lastly, wish my family & friends have a great Chinese New Year
happy prosperity!
All The Best :)

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